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MM&T recognizes and respects your rights to privacy and security while visitng and using the resources provided at MMTonline. MM&T does not collect any identfying information about visitors without their express consent (i.e. by sending information to us via our onine feedback and submission forms). It is not the policy of MM&T to send unsolicited e-mails using the information supplied by visitors via email, online forms, phone, fax, etc. All information collected is strictly used to help us respond to your comments and questions as quickly and efficient as possible and is not given or sold to any third party.


Our Web Hosting Service Provider (Comcast) uses standard software to collect non-specific information strictly to generate site sctivity and traffic reports and statistics. Only MM&T has access to these reports, which allow us to analyze site traffic and vistor trends (e.g. number of vistors, most popular pages/downloads, most active time of day). This information is used internally only for the express purpose of improving the services and information offered at MMTOnline and is not given or sold to any thrid party. The following is a list of the information collected by our Web Hosting Service Provider's site monitoring software:


  • Electronic address of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Browser and operating system software and version number

  • Referral site information - external website links, search engine, search terms used, etc.

  • Date/Time/Pages visited, including entry and exit page

  • The length of each visit

  • Downloads requested from MMTOnline

  • Forms filled out/sent via MMTOnline


The information collected by our Web Hosting Service Provider's site monitoring software depends upon the browser you use. Some objects are supported in Internet Explorer but not in Netscape and vice versa. Furthermore, there is no way to record browser information if you are running a non-graphical browser (e.g. DOS, Linux).


Please direct all questions and comments to


MM&T reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy. All revisions will be posted at least fifteen (15) days prior to and will apply exclusively to the data collected on or after the effective date.

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