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Comprehensive, compliant risk management and disaster recovery

Compliance Assistant Plus (CA-Plus) is our fully-automated, fully-integrated database solution designed to help financial institutions develop, distribute and maintain FFIEC-compliant strategies for risk management and disaster recovery. 


Each module is sold and licensed separately — so your institution gets the solution it needs, at a price it can afford. In addition to our customizable forms and reports, CA-Plus allows you to easily manage regulatory requirements and create electronic manuals to demonstrate compliance and distribute plan documentation in formats familiar to many examiners so your audits and examinations go quickly and smoothly.

+ Each module fully-
   integrated, separately sold
+ Customizable forms,
   reports, macros & queries
+ Intuitive navigation &
   browser-like interface
+ Easy-to-use, automated
   database maintenance tools
+ Full Microsoft Office &
   Adobe Acrobat integration
+ Browser-based electronic
   document distribution
MM&T_CA-Plus_Control Center.jpg



Ensure your institution is prepared to get business back on track after any emergency.

Develop, document and distribute a comprehensive, practical business continuity strategy — customized to meet the unique needs of your institution and FFIEC requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery planning:


  • Threat Assessment (Neighbors, Technical, Malicious)
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) & Utilities
  • Recovery Sites and Tasks
  • Facilities, Human Resources & Vendor Catalogs
  • Chain of Command
  • Plan Management
  • Recall Roster



Assess and effectively control risks throughout your institution while meeting FFIEC requirements.
Identify and control risks associated with IT operations, internal and external technologies, and cybersecurity threats in accordance with FFIEC and NIST standards.


  • Mitigating Controls, including GLBA Rating

  • Technology Risk Assessment & Checklists

  • Operational Risk Assessment & Checklists

  • FFIEC Cyber Security Tool, per National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements

  • FDICIA Assessment Tools, to ensure FDIC Improvement Act Compliance



Manage regulatory compliance requirements for internal and external service providers.

Identify, prioritize, and document requirements for all the vendors your institution relies on to conduct operations, in compliance with FFIEC standards, including:

  • Risk Assessment & Rating
  • GLBA Review
  • SSAE 16-SOC Review
  • Red Flag Review
  • Contract Monitoring & Tracking
  • Contract & Confidentiality Letter Guidelines
  • Maintenance Checklists & Alerts
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